Hi. My name is Angela, and I’m here to be your new favorite Astro-buddy. I was born on January 20th, smack dab on the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp, a fact I believe sums up my astrological approach quite accurately. I’m a free spirit, but also extremely grounded and practical.
My purpose as an astrological advisor is to help people form a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. I am not here to claim psychic or mediumistic powers. I am not here to tell you your future or give you your daily horoscope (there are plenty of great apps for that). I am here as an advisor and a friend.
The truth is, people fascinate me. I love talking to people, observing and absorbing their personality, and getting a feel for who they are. Astrology helps me do this. I have been studying it deeply for about 12 years now. I have “converted” countless friends and acquaintances, open-minded and skeptical alike. And people always tell me the same thing: “you explain it in a way that makes sense.” Hence my need to emphasize the practicality of my practice.
So, don’t be shy. Contact me and tell me about yourself, along with your birth details. Further information is located on the Services page.

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